In Season (Mid October - March 31st) 


Training Group is Centralized in Fredericton New Brunswick


All High Performance members must be training in New Brunswick as stipulated by CSC-Atlantic and be at the LTAD Training to Train stage or above. HPTG athletes and CSC Invites training in New Brunswick Clubs outside the centralized centre will be supported through HP coach and club coach.


Strength and Conditioning Sessions under the Direction of the Canadian Sport Centre Certified Strength and Conditioning Team at CSC-Fredericton Training Room + Off Ice sessions will High performance Lead Coach.


HPTG athletes receive financial support towards summer, Fall, and other HP Specific ice times as well as event coaching and gym service support. Support will be used to reduce ice/gym cost for those within the HP Program.

The HP Coach will provide coaching to Elite, SSC Junior, and SSC Senior Level competitions or arrange a coach if only 1-2 HP athletes are attending.



HP Athletes can drop into any of the following on Ice Training times (2019/2020)- Grant/Harvey Centre :


Monday 7:00-8:15 

Tuesday 7:50-9:00 pm 

Wednesday 6:45-8:00 pm 

Friday 6:45 - 7:45 am 

Sunday 8:00-9:15 am 


The above times are In partnership with the Fredericton Amateur Speed Skating Club (ALL HP athletes must pay either drop-in or Registration fee to FASSCI for use of ice as the above times are FASSCI timeslots A Group timeslots).