The 2019-2020 High Performance Team is now posted. 

All skaters must be training towards keeping HP Status throughout summer and competing in 2020-2021.

Congratulation to all athletes who attained selection criteria and for those striving to make the future HP group . 


Benefits of Training with Speed Skate New Brunswick High Performance Training Group (HPTG):


- Access to Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic's Integrated Training Centre . Additional access includes sessions with Sport Psychologist, Sport's Dietician, and special Podium sessions. Please note that there will be a minimal charge for this service starting in April 2019 . SSNB has money set aside to assist with this service if you are an HP athlete.


- Five Ice Sessions a week in partnership with FASSCI at the Grant Harvey Centre (Olympic Ice) . FASSCI Drop-in fee applies.  


- Programming developed and delivered both Off Ice and On Ice with successful High Performance Chartered Professional Coach Derrick MacLeod. Derrick will either be lead coach (or arrange HP lead if not financial feasbible to send coach) to all HP level Competitions i.e. SSC National Junior, Senior and FPVQ Elite. 


- Ice Programming runs from August - March 31st each session


- Spring/Summer Training runs to End of September. It is expected during this time period for HP athletes to also train in a complimentary sport. 


- Athletes from other provinces are invited to train with us


- Best running and biking Trail System in Canada !


- Close to Community Colleges, Tech institutes, University or New Brunswick, and St Thomas University


 - Ability for Maritime athletes to train close at home


- Athletes from any region of Canada can train with us. We have solid results Nationally and plan to grow on this !


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