The 2018-2019 Final High Performance Team is now posted. 

Team will be in place until December 1st 2019 . All skaters must be training towards keeping HP Status throughout summer and competing in 2019-2020.

Congratulation to all athletes who attained selection criteria and for those striving to make the future HP group . 


Benefits of Training with Speed Skate New Brunswick High Performance Training Group (HPTG):


- Access to Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic's Integrated Training Centre which provides 2 x week Gym access with a Certified Strength Coach . Additional access includes sessions with Sport Psychologist, Sport's Dietician, and special Podium sessions. Please note that there will be a minimal charge for this service starting in April 2019 . SSNB has money set aside to assist with this service if you are an HP athlete.


- Five Ice Sessions a week in partnership with FASSCI at the Grant Harvey Centre (Olympic Ice)  


- Programming developed and delivered both Off Ice and On Ice with successful High Performance Chartered Professional Coach Derrick MacLeod


- Ice Programming runs from July/August - March 31st each session


- Spring/Summer Training runs to End of September


- Athletes from other provinces are invited to train with us


- Best running and biking Trail System in Canada !


- Close to Community Colleges, Tech institutes, University or New Brunswick, and St Thomas University


 - Ability for Maritime athletes to train close at home


- Athletes from any region of Canada can train with us. We have solid results Nationally and plan to grow on this !


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